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Laura Cote, Team Canada Volleyball

With Eva's guidance I was able to shift my perspective and re-frame what I considered obstacles. I was impressed with her ability to be assertive in a supportive and non-judgmental way on issues that required my attention.


Dave Bonk, Social Profit Real Estate

Eva has been a huge blessing in my life and business. She has been generous with her expertise in leadership, coaching and she truly has the desire to assist others reach their goals and live the life they love.


Allen Kent, General Manager

Eva was instrumental in helping me to grow as a leader. I don’t think I would have recognized that I wasn’t strong enough in certain areas. She was not afraid to tell me how she saw it and I am better for it. I can’t thank her enough for the work she did with me.


Richard Kresky, Consultant

I have worked with Eva for over 2 years, she quickly grasped my issues and coached me in laying out a development plan. The tools and resources at her disposal were a tremendous help in determining my strengths, weaknesses and areas for development. She was able to adapt and change as my priorities did over time.  Eva was able to untangle my thoughts and help me communicate them.

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