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Individual Development

Coaching Through Discomfort 


Her approach includes personalized assessment and coaching services for executives, professionals and business owners. Using validated assessment tools and coaching methods her approach is time-tested, holistic and flexible. She applies innovative techniques resulting in targeted and realistic recommendations that can significantly impact the individual and the bottom line. She offers virtual and in-person coaching as needed.​

Coaching Packages

Her coaching packages offer 3 months of unlimited support. Gain control over your inner workings to close the gap between what you see and what others perceive. Grow your potential by growing your skills at self-management and awareness. Grow your capability through custom targeted programs that get into what really matters for you. Get in touch for detailed pricing options.


What's included?

30 min initial meet to assess fit

Validated Personality Assessment and 360 Instrument

3 hour initial feedback session

Coaching sessions within a 3 month service package

Personalized approach based on needs

Access to best practices, high caliber resources

Tools and worksheets to frame your development

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